2020 Recap: From Countdown to Lockdown

Created by: Hossam Khalil, 4th Year Structural Engineering 

I have always been passionate about photography and video editing which are two of my favorite hobbies that I often do during my free time. I initially started my youtube channel posting personal travel vlogs so I could easily share them with family and friends. It was always fun documenting my experiences and looking back at them to relive the moment. For that, I started sharing Western Homecoming vlogs which got a lot of student traction.

Throughout the years, I have been making short videos whenever an idea popped in my head. When one of my older videos went viral in 2020, accumulating over 5 million views, I was tremendously motivated to take it up a notch. Most of my videos were purely about entertainment and comedy, which was especially needed during rough times like the past year. This, however, got me to realize the power of sharing content that can reach numerous people around the world. By March 2020, I had a feeling this would be an unprecedented period and started thinking about making a concise summary of the outstanding major events by the end of the year. This project was more challenging than I anticipated though, and it took me months to come up with the final product looking exactly like I envisioned it to be. I was initially hoping this would be a happy conclusion video highlighting both the good and the bad, but it had to have a serious tone due to all the unfortunate incidents that ensued. I must mention that while it was progressively disheartening watching tragic news from the past months, I believe the finished product was a good presentation of what was arguably the darkest year of the modern era.

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