Hot Takes on Our Lockdown Experiences

Podcast created by: Hanbi Lee, Reya Siby, Shaowda Salehin, Hiba Elsadati 

It has been an entire year since our first lockdown last March when Western and the rest of the world abruptly shut down. Since then, much has changed. Our daily routines have been forced to adapt to the regulations set by the government for our protection, and the means to receive our education, which makes up a significant portion of our responsibilities, has also been altered greatly. Amidst everything that’s happening, it’s critical to take time for self-reflection, especially when the days feel like they are blurring together. To put this into practice ourselves, the students at Hot Takes sat down to share our reflections on this past year. And as challenging as it was, the lockdown turned out to be a period of growing pains, and that time taught us a lot about ourselves, how to be resilient, and even gave us the opportunity to try new things that we had not had time for before. 

Join our conversation as we talk about our personal experiences with the lockdown, how we were able to overcome certain challenges, our favourite things to do to pass the time, new things we learned about ourselves over the course of lockdown, and more! 

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