CRA Testimonial: Veronica Grunwald

Written by: Veronica Grunwald Strategic Recruitment Advisor, CRA Human Resources | Business Management & Organization Studies, Honours Specialization in Human Resources, 2013

Photo by: Veronica Grunwald

A photo of VeronicaDescribe your journey to employment at the CRA: did you plan to work here? How did you find out about the opportunity? Who helped you along the way?

I started my career with the CRA through Western’s BMOS internship program. In 2011, I was hired as a student to work in the Appeals Department in the London office. Prior to my internship, I did not plan on working at the CRA post-graduation. During my internship, my manager and colleagues helped me discover my passions and talents and I learned so much about the meaningful work that the CRA does. I was very excited to start my career with the CRA post-graduation in 2013! Since then, I have worked in a variety of program areas including Outreach Services, Audit and Human Resources.

What motivated you to go to work every day / what do you enjoy most about your work?

What motivates me to work hard every day is the impact that the work I do has on Canadians! During these unprecedented times, I had the opportunity to assist in answering calls from the CERB phone line which was a great experience. Currently, in my role in Strategic Recruitment, what I love the most about the work that I do is that I am encouraged to be innovative and think outside of the box!

What surprised you about working at the CRA? What are the most important skills you used on a regular basis?

What surprised me the most about working for the CRA was the diverse career opportunities available, the opportunity to develop throughout your career, and our People First approach to service. We are encouraged to use empathy in dealing with both internal and external clients each and every day. The most important skills I use on a daily basis are: communication, teamwork, time management, and empathy.

What professional growth have you accomplished since working at the CRA? How did they support you on that path?

Since starting my career at the CRA in 2011, I have grown a lot both personally and professionally. While working in Audit, the CRA provided me with educational assistance to complete courses towards my CPA designation. In addition, my managers have always been very supportive in providing me with opportunities to work on projects that are in line with my career aspirations. Lastly, my managers have done a great job in providing me with valuable feedback that has helped me develop along the way.

How does the CRA celebrate successes?

The CRA celebrates success via verbal recognition, virtual certificates of thanks, and by organizing team events to celebrate each other. Lastly, we are given the opportunity to work on new workloads and progress within our career.

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