CRA Testimonial: Roy Kim

Written by: Roy Kim, CRA Technology Student, Western Computer Science, anticipated graduation date June 2022

Photo by: Roy Kim

roy-kim-profile-image.pngDescribe your journey to employment at the CRA: did you plan to work here? How did you find out about the opportunity? Who helped you along the way?

My initial goal as a computer science student was to get a job in the private sector as I believe these jobs are promoted more frequently at school and on social media. I had no intention of working for the government. I discovered this opportunity through the science internship program at Western University. After attending a presentation during the CRA Day on October 1, 2019, some of my initial views were changed. Prior to attending the presentation, things that I did not expect to see from a government organization included: new technology, work-life balance, and new and interesting challenges every day!

The presenters, Andrew Reid and Daniel Kivi both shared a realistic day in the life of work. After the presentation, I spoke to Andrew Reid about opportunities at the CRA for someone with an interest in security. An initial interview was scheduled for later that day. Today I work on CRA’s Security Access Management team. Andrew provided me with support throughout the process which has been very helpful during my time at CRA.

What motivated you to go to work every day / what do you enjoy most about your work?

What motivates me to come to work every day is that I have co-workers that I enjoy collaborating with whom share the same interests as me. My team’s dynamic is very fitting and enjoyable. I get to tackle new challenges and deep dive into interesting projects and resolve issues each and every day. It is like working on a new puzzle coming into work each day!

What surprised you about working at the CRA? What are the most important skills you used on a regular basis?

The thing that surprised me the most about the CRA is the amount of collaboration on each project. The most important skill I use on a regular basis is communication. This is how everyone is able to stay on track and work well together. Whether that be through MS teams or via email, it is so important to use the tools available so everyone is on the same page.

What professional growth have you accomplished since working at the CRA? How did they support you on that path?

In my 6 months working at the CRA, I have already created great friendships and extensive professional connections. I have improved both my technical and behavioral skills. I’ve learned how important it is to communicate ideas clearly and concisely. In terms of my technical skills, I have had amazing support. For new requests that I haven’t completed before, I am encouraged to try new and challenging things. There are leaders on each team who are knowledgeable and supportive. They can point you in the right direction in finding a solution. There is so much to learn from them!

How does the CRA celebrate successes?

The CRA celebrates success in many different ways. There is always confirmation for good work and recognition. It helps to know that you are doing the work well and people recognize the hard work you put in. When you take action to work on new problems it never goes unnoticed. Lastly, it is rewarding to see the impact that your work has on services to Canadians and how it directly impacts their life.

Not sure if you can see yourself in a career in the public service? CRA Career Day takes place on Tuesday, January 26 with sessions happening all day, including:

  • Working in Technology at the CRA and its Impact on Canadians
  • Virtual armchair chat with CRA's Commissioner, Bob Hamilton, CRA senior leaders, and Western University President, Alan Shepard
  • Accessibility at the CRA
  • Indigenous Student Opportunities
  • Virtual Interview Tips & Tricks!

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