CRA Testimonial: Mackenzie Heslop

Written by: Mackenzie Heslop, Income Tax Auditor, CRA | Western Business Management & Organizational Studies, Accounting Specialization, 2014 

Photo by: Mackenzie Heslop

Mackenzie Heslop PhotoDescribe your journey to employment at the CRA: did you plan to work here? How did you find out about the opportunity? Who helped you along the way? 

I was a Senior Accountant at a national accounting firm with the manager and partner trajectory. I was aware of CRA’s wide array of job opportunities and its place as a top Canadian employer. The role I’m currently in was posted online through the CRA Careers Website and I applied as soon as it was posted. Fast forward a couple of months, and I was proudly accepting an offer to work in CRA’s Offshore Compliance division in the London office. 

What motivated you to go to work every day / what do you enjoy most about your work? 

I enjoy the thorough numeric analysis, tracking intricate transactions around the world, and the application of the Income Tax Act that are used every day in my role.

What surprised you about working at the CRA? What are the most important skills you used on a regular basis? 

The biggest surprise working at CRA was the service excellence standard. The CRA takes great pride in it and ensures it is at the core of every internal and external interaction. The most important skills for my role are: exceptional taxpayer service, clear and honest communication, managing and completing complex items, and teamwork.

What professional growth have you accomplished since working at the CRA? How did they support you on that path?

Working at the CRA has allowed me to expand my tax and accounting knowledge through specialized training and courses. One highlight was a fascinating three-day course on International Transactions. 

How does the CRA celebrate successes? 

CRA celebrates success by verbal and electronic recognition to positively reinforce our commitment to Canadians.

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