A field of poppies in the sunWritten by: Shubh Borad, 3rd Year Health Sciences

Photo by: Oscar Nord on Unsplash

As I watch the handsome sun set,
Slowly dying in the sea,
I think how it perishes each night, yet
It gives off enchanting hues for us to see
Like the setting sun are Lieutenants and Majors
Fighting from dust till dawn.
Once they were alive, ready to face any dangers.
Now they lie in the fields, their patriotic souls simply gone.
Bang, bang, bang, in the streets the bullets swiftly flew,
Ready to kill the foes as they came in their way.
Soldiers marched through cities, killing, doing deeds they cannot undo
Now, only the hoarse silence is left to stay.
Fighters slathering traducers in the field,
Bloodshed turning the lush green grass cherry red,
Bodies pile up as brave soldiers fall, never to be healed.
While the town folks frantically flee the repulsive field instead.
Like the setting sun were soldiers of war.
Like the sunset, that gave us an evanescent wonder to see,
Brave men of strong hearts deceased in lands full of hatred and gore,
So that in peace and prosperity we shall always be.

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