International Centre for Olympic Studies

Dr Richard Baka's visit to ICOS

 The International Centre for Olympic Studies (ICOS) has recently invited Dr Richard Baka to the Centre on the Campus of Western University. ICOS Director, Dr Angela Schneider and ICOS founder Emeritus Professor, Dr Bob Barney, hosted Dr. Baka during his visit. During his visit, he presented two guest lectures on Olympic topics to students and staff in postgraduate units of study. He also had meetings concerning research collaboration between ICOS and the newly established Olympic Research Network (ORN) at Victoria University in Australia.

(September 29th, 2021) 

077e66d4-6dc0-02da-e044-7c701d136202.pngleft to right are Marwan Hellal, PhD student, Dr. Richard Baka, Dr. Angela Schneider and Dr. Bob Barney