Framework of Support

Framework for P2P Support

Parent-to-parent support is a mutual process of parents with lived experiences supporting each other. For parents raising children with disabilities, parent-to-parent support yields many positive benefits and rewards and leverages peer partnership so that parents are encouraged and supported in ways that are meaningful to them. For parents of children who are Deaf or hard of hearing (D/HH), parent-to-parent support has an important role in helping parents provide guidance to their children and their family.

Henderson, Johnson, & Moodie (2014 and revised in 2016) developed a conceptual framework of parent-to-parent support.

The conceptual framework of parent-to-parent support for parents of children who are D/HH is grounded in the explicit and tacit knowledge of stakeholders and provides a better understanding of the role of parent-to-parent support in early hearing detection and intervention (EHDI) programs.