What We Ask of Employers

As an organizational host, we ask that you commit to:

  • Offering the students work projects that are relevant, and degree-related
  • Providing orientation and training for the student when they begin their experiential learning term
  • Imparting your experience and wisdom through regular supervision and mentorship

We respect your time. We work to make hiring an MDA student as effortless as possible!

To support the evaluation of the student’s performance, we ask a few things of the student’s direct supervisor, as follows:

  1. In the first 3 weeks of employment, work with the student to develop 3 Learning Outcomes they can work towards achieving in their first 4-months of employment
  2. Around the 8–10-week mark of the term, attend a mid-term site visit with the student and the Experiential Learning Coordinator (virtually or in-person), if your schedule allows
  3. At or near the completion of 500 hours, complete an end-of-term evaluation of the student using our short fillable tool (or a performance management tool utilized internally within your organization) and forward it directly to the Experiential Learning Coordinator
  4. Near the end of the term, review the student’s 5-page, double-spaced, final report for accuracy and to ensure there is no confidential/proprietary information shared with MDA program administrators that should not be


That’s it – the MDA student and Experiential Learning Coordinator will look after everything else!