Student Competencies & Suitability

MDA students graduate with the data science and analytics tools employers want.

Skills and Tools:
Machine Learning Artificial Intelligence
Unstructured Data Database Skills
Statistical Modelling and Inference Natural Language Processing
Data Munging and Wrangling Visualization
Exploratory Data Analysis Ethical Data Analysis
Business Skills Communication Skills


MDA students and graduates are great fits for roles in data science, data analytics, data engineering, machine learning, and artificial intelligence in any industry, and are particularly in demand in the Finance, Government, Insurance, and Tech Innovation (AI/Machine Learning) fields.

Job Titles

MDA students and graduates are ideally suited for positions such as Data Scientist, Big Data/Data Architect, Data Analyst, Business Analyst, Technical Analyst, Actuarial Analyst, Financial Analyst, Operations Analyst, Software Developer, Senior Consultant, Cloud Consultant, AI/ML Consultant, and Data Engineer. Our graduates quickly prove their value and are often well-suited to move into supervisory, team lead, or management roles over time.