CMS Math Camp at Western - Summer 2022


For many years, the Department of Mathematics at Western University has been running a Math Camp as part of the Canadian Mathematical Society  Math Camp Program .  This camp allows students to take part in different hands-on activities, attend math talks delivered by members of the math department, and attend group and individual problem-solving competitions. Math camp provides a great opportunity to enhance mathematical knowledge and exposes students to new mathematics. Students will also have the opportunity to meet new friends with common interests in math!  

The 2022 Math Camp at Western University will operate in-person, and for the first time we will have camps for both grade nine and grade ten students on the following dates:

  • Grade nine -  July 11-13, 2022 (This camp is available and accessible for grade nine and eight students) 
  • Grade ten    -  July 14-15, 2022 (This camp is available and accessible for grade ten and eleven students) 

You can apply for the Math Camp at Western by filling out the following form

The application deadline has already passed.

Note: The selected students will be contacted via email by mid-June.

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