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Members of the Department of Mathematics conduct research in traditional Mathematics and its applications. The Department's research enterprise involves all regular Faculty members, postdoctoral fellows and graduate students.

Faculty research interests span the traditional parts of Mathematics, in Algebra, Analysis, Geometry and Topology. Some of our members specialize in areas that bridge these classifications and are applicable in other disciplines.

The research interests of members of the Department include algebraic groups and monoids, algebraic stacks, algebraic combinatorics, combinatorial algebra, derived categories, Galois cohomology and quadratic forms, number theory, homotopy theory and its applications, quantum groups and Hopf algebras, toric varieties, noncommutative geometry, local analytic geometry, complex and CR-geometry, sympletic geometry and topology, harmonic analysis, singularity theory, and mathematical physics. The list of the Department's research interests also now includes graph theory, cryptography, homotopy type theory, and formal verification.

The Current Research Projects page gives a description of specific research projects in the Department.

Members of the Department are active in conference organization. See the page Conferences: Recent and Upcoming for a description of conferences that involve Department members.

Please also see faculty and Postdoctoral Fellow Profiles on their respective webpages.

The Department maintains a number of active seminar and colloquia series that attract some of the world's most prominent mathematicians. 

  • Colloquium
  • The Distinguished Lecture Series
  • Algebra Seminar
  • Analysis Seminar
  • Geometry & Topology Seminar
  • Noncommutative Geometry Seminar

For a complete list of upcoming and past events visit the Math Department Events Calendar on the home page. 

Western University is a principal sponsoring partner of the Fields Institute for Mathematical Research.