Eva Pila, PhD


  • PhD (Toronto)
  • MSc (McGill & Toronto)
  • BSc (McMaster)

Supervising Graduate Students

  • Psychological Basis of Kinesiology

Research Interests

  • Body image and mental health
  • Emotions and motivation related to physical activity
  • Self-compassion and compassion-focused interventions
  • Conditions that disproportionately impact women’s health (e.g., weight stigma, eating disorders, breast cancer)

Additional Information

Postdoctoral Fellowships

  • Centre for Addiction and Mental Health
  • Women's College Hospital
  • University of Saskatchewan

Recent Select Publications

A comprehensive list of publications is available through Google Scholar.

  • Sick, K., Pila, E., Nesbitt, A., & Sabiston, C.M. (In Press). Does self-compassion buffer the detrimental effect of body shame on depressive symptoms? Body Image.
  • Vani, M., Pila, E., DeJong, M., Krakus-Solomon, S., & Sabiston, C. (In press). “Can you move your fat ass off the baseline?” Exploring the sport experiences and dropout of adolescent girls with body image concerns. Qualitative Research in Sport, Exercise, and Health.
  • Pila, E., Sabiston, C., Mack, D., Wilson, P., Brunet, J., Kowlaksi, K., & Crocker, P.R.E. (2020). Fitness- and appearance-related self-conscious emotions and sport experiences: A prospective longitudinal investigation in adolescent girls. Psychology of Sport and Exercise, 47, 101641.
  • Sabiston, C., Pila, E., Crocker, P.R.E, Mack, D., Wilson, P., Brunet, J., & Kowlaksi, K. (2020). Changes in body-related self-conscious emotions over time among youth female athletes. Body Image, 32, 24-33.
  • Vani, M., Pila, E., Wilson, E., & Sabiston, C.M. (2020). Body-related embarrassment: The overlooked self-conscious emotion. Body Image, 32, 14-23.
  • Pila, E., Murray, S.B., Le Grange, D., Sawyer, S., & Hughes, E. (2019). Reciprocal relations between dietary restraint and negative affect in adolescents receiving treatment for anorexia nervosa. Journal of Abnormal Psychology, 128(2): 129-139
  • Sabiston, C., Pila, E., Vani, M., Thogersen-Ntoumani, C. (2019) Body image and physical activity: A scoping review. Psychology of Sport and Exercise, 42, 48-57.
  • Murray, S.B., Pila, E., Mond, J.M., Mitchison, D., Nauman, E., Griffiths, S. (2018). Global trends in high impact psychiatry research in the 21st century. World Psychiatry, 17, 368-370.
  • Gilchrist, J., Pila, E., Castonguay, A., Sabiston, C., Mack, D. (2018). Body pride and physical activity: Differential associations between fitness- and appearance-related pride in young adult Canadians. International Journal of Body Image, 27, 77-85.
  • Murray, S.B., Pila, E., Mond, J., Mitchinson, D., Blashill, A., Sabiston, C., & Griffiths, S. (2018). Cheat meals: A benign or ominous variant of binge eating behavior? Appetite, 130, 274-278.
  • Pila, E., Sabiston, C., Castonguay, A., Arbour-Nicitopolous, K., & Taylor, V. (2018). Mental health consequences of weight cycling in the first year post-treatment for breast cancer. Psychology & Health, 33 (8), 995-1013.
  • Pila, E. Sabiston, C.M., Arbour-Nicitoplous, K., & Taylor, V. (2018). “The weight is even worse than the cancer”: Exploring women’s weight-related experiences after treatment for breast cancer. Qualitative Health Research, 8(28), 1354-1365.
  • Pila, E., Jovanov, K., Welsh, T., & Sabiston, C. (2017). Body-part compatibility effects are modulated by the tendency for women to experience negative social comparative emotions and the body-type of the model, PLoS ONE, 12(6), e0179552.
  • Pila, E., Solomon-Krakus, S., Martin, K., & Sabiston, C. (2017). “I am a fat baby, who moved to a fat child, who moved to a fat teenager, who moved to a fat adult”: Women’s reflections of a lifetime of body and weight concern. Journal of Women & Ageing, 30(2), 158-177.
  • Pila, E., Mond, J., Griffiths, S., Mitchison, D., & Murray, S.B. (2017). A thematic content analysis of #cheatmeal images on social media: Harmless dietary trend or a variant of binge eating? International Journal of Eating Disorders, 50(6), 698-706.
  • Pila, E., Barlow, M., Wrosch, C., &  Sabiston, C. (2016). Comparing the body to superior others: Associations with daily exercise and body evaluation in men and women. Psychology of Sport and Exercise, 27, 120-127.  
  • Pila, E., Brunet, J., Crocker, P.R.E., Kowlaski, K.C., & Sabiston, C.M. (2016). Intrapersonal characteristics of body-related shame, guilt, pride and envy in Canadian adults. International Journal of Body Image, 16, 100-106.
  • Pila, E., Sabiston, C., Brunet, J., Castonguay, A., & O’Loughlin, J. (2015). Body-related emotions mediate the association between weight status and self-esteem.  Journal of Health Psychology, 20, 659-669.

Research Affiliations

Teaching Areas

  • Exercise psychology
  • Psychological aspects of body image 


  • Franklin Henry Youth Scientist Award – Canadian Society for Psychomotor Learning and Sport Psychology (2018)
  • Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council Postdoctoral Fellowship (2018)
  • Centre for Addiction and Mental Health Postdoctoral Fellowship (2018)