Marc Mitchell, PhD

Marc Mitchell

Assistant Professor


  • Fellowship (University Health Network)
  • PhD (Toronto)
  • MSc (Victoria)
  • BSc/BPHE (Queen's)

Supervising Graduate Students

  • Integrative Biosciences
  • Psychological Basis of Kinesiology

Research Interests

  • Financial health incentives and behavioral economics
  • Physical activity promotion and health behavior change
  • Cardiac rehabilitation
  • eHealth, mHealth and public health interventions

Additional Information

Recent Publications

A comprehensive list of publications is available through Google Scholar.

  • Mitchell, MS, White, L, Oh, P, Alter, D, Leahey, T, Kwan, M & G. Faulkner. Uptake of an incentive-based mHealth app: Process evaluation of the Carrot Rewards app. Journal of Medical Internet Research (mHealth). 2017. 5(5):e70.
  • Mitchell, MS, White, L, Oh, P, Kwan, M, Gove, P, Leahey, T, & G. Faulkner. Examining incentives to promote physical activity maintenance among hospital employees not achieving 10,000 daily steps: A web-based randomized control trial protocol. Journal of Medical Internet Research (Research Protocols). December 2016. 5(4):e231.
  • Mitchell, MS & P. Oh. Capsule Commentary on Misra-Hebert et al. Financial incentives and diabetes control in employees: A retrospective cohort analysis. Journal of General Internal Medicine. April 2016, 31: 926.
  • Leahey, T, Fava, J, Seiden, A, Fernandes, D, Doyle, C, Kent, K, La Rue, M, Mitchell, MS & R. Wing. A randomized controlled trial testing an Internet delivered cost-benefit approach to weight loss maintenance. Preventive Medicine. April 2016. 92: 51-57.
  • Mitchell, MS, Goodman, J, Alter, D, Oh, P, Leahey, TM, & GE. Faulkner. A feasibility study of financial incentives to increase exercise among Canadian cardiac rehabilitation patients. Journal of Cardiopulmonary Rehabilitation and Prevention. 36(1):28-32, January/February 2016.
  • Mitchell, MS, Goodman, J, Alter, D, Oh, P, & G. Faulkner. Development of the Health Incentive Program Questionnaire (HIP-Q) in a cardiac rehabilitation setting. Translational Behavioral Medicine. 5(4):443-459, December 2015.
  • Biswas, A, Oh, P, Faulkner, G, Bajaj, A, Silver, B, Mitchell, MS & D. Alter. Sedentary Time and Its Independent Risk on Disease Incidence, Mortality and Hospitalization in Adults: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis. Annals of Internal Medicine. 162(2):123-32, January 2015.

Research Affiliations

  • Carrot Insights Inc. (makers of the Carrot Rewards app)
  • University Health Network (Cardiovascular Prevention and Rehabilitation Program)
  • Society of Behavioral Medicine

Teaching Areas

  • Professional Kinesiology
  • Exercise and Chronic Disease
  • Entrepreneurship and Technology


  • CIHR Post-Doctoral Fellowship
  • CIHR Doctoral Research Award

Professional Activities

  • Principal Advisor, Behavioural Insights, Carrot Insights Inc.
  • Consultant, Cookson James Loyalty (BestLifeRewarded)
  • Consultant, Green Shield Canada Inc.

Ongoing Funded Projects

  • Mitchell, M., White, L., Faulkner, G. et al. Public Health Agency of Canada funded evaluation of the Carrot Rewards app, including app uptake, engagement, effectiveness and cost-effectiveness.
  • Mitchell, M., Kwan, M., Faulkner, G. et al. Green Shield Canada Inc. funded evaluation of BestLifeRewarded platform, including a program evaluation and a randomized trial testing financial incentives for physical activity in a workplace wellness setting.
  • Mitchell, M., Oh, P., Faulkner, G. et al. University Health Network Innovation Grant for a randomized trial testing financial incentives in cardiac rehabilitation.