Daniel Keir, PhD

Assistant Professor

Room 4155, TH
519 661-2111 x87962
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  • Postdoctoral Fellowship (University Health Network, Toronto)
  • PhD (Western)
  • BSc, MHK (Laurentian)

Graduate Program Supervision

  • Integrative Biosciences MSc | PhD

Research In Profile

Daniel Keir's integrative cardiorespiratory research lab studies how the cardiovascular, respiratory, sympathetic and muscle metabolic systems respond, interact, and adapt to environments, activities, and conditions that challenge oxygen availability and carbon dioxide removal in health, chronic disease and across the lifespan. Of specific interest are integrative physiological responses to exercise, hypoxia (low O2), hypercapnia (high CO2), and their combination.

Featured Publications and Projects

Articles in Peer-Reviewed Journals

  • Keir DA, Iannetta D, Mattioni Maturana F, Kowalchuk JM, & Murias JM. (2022) Identification of non-invasive exercise thresholds: methods, strategies, and an online app. Sports Medicine. 52(2):237-55.
  • Guluzade NA, Huggard JD, Keltz RR, & Keir DA (2022) Strategies to improve respiratory chemoreflex characterization by Duffin’s rebreathing. Experimental Physiology. 107(12):1507-20.
  • Keir DA, Badrov MB, Tomlinson G, Notarius CF, Kimmerly DS, Millar PJ, Shoemaker JK, & Floras JS (2020) The influence of sex and age on muscle sympathetic nerve activity in normotensive adults. Hypertension. 76(3):997-1005.
  • Iannetta D, Inglis EC, Mattu AT, Fontana FY, Pogliaghi S, Keir DA & Murias JM (2020). A critical evaluation of current methods for exercise prescription in women and men. Medicine and Sciences in Sports and Exercise. 52(2):466-73
  • Keir DA, Duffin J, Millar PJ & Floras JS. (2019) Simultaneous assessment of central and peripheral chemoreflex regulation of muscle sympathetic nerve activity and ventilation in healthy young men. The Journal of Physiology 597(13):3281-96.
  • Keir DA, Kowalchuk JM, Paterson DH, & Murias JM. (2018) Using ramp-incremental V̇O2 responses for constant-intensity exercise selection. Applied Physiology, Nutrition, and Metabolism. 43(9):882-92.

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Current Grants and Research Projects

  • Keir, DA (2021-2026). Chemoreflex control of breathing and the circulation. NSERC Discovery.
  • Keir, DA (2022). Maximizing benefits of aerobic exercise in cardiac rehabilitation. CFI/ORF

Graduate Student Opportunities

Research objectives are to discover and explain mechanisms of human physiology and to apply this knowledge to understand and correct illness using strategies that optimize physical performance and health. Four key areas of interest are:

  • Elucidation of mechanisms associated with circulatory, respiratory and metabolic control in health and their dysregulation in chronic disease
  • Understanding of how these control systems respond to acute and chronic exercise interventions in both healthy and diseased states
  • Design of individualized exercise training strategies that improve performance and reduce disease risk in the lives of young and older adults and chronic disease patients in whom exercise intolerance is a major symptom
  • Advancing aerobic exercise assessment, prescription, and training practices

For more information please contact professor Keir at dkeir@uwo.ca.

Additional Information

Academic Appointments and Research Affiliations

  • Affiliate Scientist, Toronto General Hospital Research Institute
  • Associate Scientiest, Lawson Health Research Institute

Professional Activities

  • Canadian Society for Exercise Physiology (CSEP) – member since 2010
  • American Physiological Society (APS) – member since 2020