Matthew Heath, PhD


  • PhD (Waterloo)
  • MSc (McMaster)

Academic Appointments

Supervising Graduate Students

  • Integrative Biosciences
  • Psychological Basis of Kinesiology

Research Interests

  • Brain health and plasticity associated with exercise
  • Executive function, mild traumatic brain injury and neurodegenerative disease
  • The visual control of eye and limb movements
  • Multisensory interactions between acoustic, proprioceptive and visual information

Additional Information

Featured Publications

A comprehensive list of publications is available through Google Scholar and Research Gate.

Recent Publications

  • Colino, FL, Heath, M., Hassall, C.D., & Krigolson, O.E. (2020). Electroencephalographic evidence for a reinforcement learning advantage during motor skill acquisition. Biological Psychology. 151, 107849
  • Campbell, J., Rossit, S., & Heath, M. (2019). No vertical visual field asymmetry in online control: Evidence from reaching in depth. Motor Control. 23, 171-188.
  • Dirk, K. L., Belfry, G. R., & Heath, M. (2019). Exercise and executive function during follicular and luteal menstrual cycle phases. Medicine and Science in Sports and Exercise. 52, 919-927.
  • Petrella, A. F., Belfry, G., Heath, M. (2019). Older adults elicit a single-bout post-exercise executive benefit across a continuum of aerobically supported metabolic intensities. Brain Research. 1712, 197-206.
  • Heath, M., Petrella, A., Blazevic, J., Lim, D., Pelletier, A., Belfry, G.R., (2018). A post-exercise facilitation of executive function is independent of aerobically supported metabolic costs. Neuropsychologia. 120, 65-74.
  • Heath, M., Shellington, E., Titheridge, S., Gill, D. P., & Petrella, R. J. (2017). A 24-week multi-modality exercise program improves executive control in older adults with a self-reported cognitive complaint: Evidence from the antisaccade task. Journal of Alzheimer's Disease. 56, 167-183.

Research Affiliations

Professional Activities

Scientific Membership

  • Société Canadienne D'Apprentissage Psychomoteur et de Psychologie du Sport (SCAPPS)
  • Society for Neuroscience
  • Vision Sciences Society

Grant Review Membership

  • Natural Sciences and Engineering Research Council of Canada: Scholarships and Fellowships
  • Canadian Space Agency/ National Aeronautics and Space Administration: Life Sciences Panel

Editorial Membership

  • Experimental Brain Research
  • Frontiers in Movement Science and Sport Psychology
  • Journal of Alzheimer’s Disease
  • Down Syndrome Quarterly

Teaching Areas

  • Introduction to Psychomotor Behaviour
  • Movement Neuroscience
  • Cortical Control of Human Movement