Jim Dickey, PhD

Jim Dickey

Associate Professor

Room 3G01, AHB
519 661-2111 x87834


  • PhD (Queen's)
  • BSc, MSc (Waterloo)

Supervising Graduate Students

  • Integrative Biosciences

Research Interests

  • Biomechanics
  • Tissue mechanics
  • Joint mechanics
  • Joint injury
  • In-vivo studies of whole-body vibration (exercise platforms and occupational exposures)

Additional Information

Featured Publications/Projects

  • Caryn, RC, Hazell, TJ, Dickey, JP Transmission of Acceleration from a Whole-Body Vibration Exercise Platform to the Head. International Journal of Sports Medicine. 35(04): 330-338, 2014.
  • Dickey JP, Eger TR, Frayne RJ, Delgado GP, Ji X. Research using Virtual Reality: Mobile Machinery Safety in the 21st Century.  Minerals. 3(2):145-164, 2013.
  • Dickey JP, Eger T, Oliver M. A systematic approach to simulating field-based occupational whole-body vibration exposure in the lab using a 6df robot. Work, 35(2):15-26, 2010.

Recent Publications

  • Conrad LF, Oliver ML, Jack RJ, Dickey JP & Eger TR. (2014). Selecting seats for steel industry mobile machines based on seat effective amplitude transmissibility and comfort. Work, 47(1), 123-136.
  • Nevison SE, Jun Y & Dickey JP. (2015). The gluteus medius activation in female indoor track runners is asymmetrical and may be related to injury risk. Sports and Exercise Medicine - Open Journal, 1:28-33.
  • Stephen AJ, Wegscheider PK, Nelson AJ & Dickey JP. (2015). Quantifying the Precision and Accuracy of the MicroScribe G2X Three-Dimensional Digitizer. Digital Applications in Archaeology and Cultural Heritage, 2, 28-30.
  • Ji X, Eger TR & Dickey JP. (2015). Development of a seat selection algorithm to match industrial seats with specific forestry vibration exposures. International Journal of Forest Engineering, 26(1), 48-59.
  • Freedman JD, Jun Y, Humphreys DA & Dickey JP. (2015). Effectiveness of Bracing and Taping, and the Influence of Light Finger Touch, During Unexpected Ankle Inversion Perturbations. International Journal of Sports and Exercise Medicine, 1(1), 007.
  • Cullen KL, Dickey JP, Brown SHM, Nykamp SG, Bent LR, Thomason JJ & Moens NMM. (2015). A validated approach for collecting fine-wire electromyographic recordings in four canine shoulder muscles during highly dynamic tasks. Comparative Exercise Physiology, 11(2), 65-74.

Research Affiliations

  • Joint Biomechanics Laboratory

Teaching Areas

  • Principles of Biomechanics
  • Clinical Biomechanics
  • Scientific Instrumentation and Analysis


  • College of Biological Sciences Award for Excellence in Teaching, University of Guelph, 2007
  • Faculty Health Sciences Teaching Award – Recognition of Achievement

Professional Activities

  • Member of the Canadian Society for Biomechanics
  • Member of the International Society of Biomechanics
  • Member of the Consortium of Canadian Chiropractic Research Centers (CCCRC)