Mission Statement and Values


The Mission of the Office of Faculty Relations is to maximize the University's ability to achieve excellence in teaching, research and service by providing quality advice and support on employment matter in a manner that facilitates positive relationships with and among faculty, librarians, archivists, their representatives, university administrators, and the community.


Integrity We put our values into action - living out those values so that others can rely upon and trust us.
We are honest, trustworthy, and fair-minded.

Accountability We take ownership of our work and our actions, individually and as a team.
We strive toward quality and efficiency.

Fairness We strive to be impartial and equitable in our dealings

Continuous Improvement We strive to be creative, innovative, and to take initiative.
We are committed to continuous improvement in the ways we work, and in the development of knowledge and skills, both our own and those of the people we support.

Respect We treat people with a respectful and professional manner and value diversity in people, opinion, and approach.
We value the power of positive relationships and work actively to develop and maintain them.

Teamwork Our success is dependent on working well together, and on being flexible, facilitative, and collaborative.

High Performance We recognize the importance of timely and effective action.
We believe in making the extra effort
We strive for accuracy and reliability.
We are committed to doing our best and satisfying those we serve.