Bike Protection

campus bikeProtect your Investment

  • Western Special Constable Service has partnered up with the London Police Service to support this community-based crime prevention strategy called 529 Garage.  Western has purchased a number of tamper-resistant 529 shields that will only be provided for Western Faculty, Staff and Students that register their bike.

  • Visit the London Police Service 529 Garage site to register your bike and enter contact information.  Once you have registered your bike, attend the Western Special Constable Service office from Monday to Friday between 7:30am-1:30pm to obtain a free shield sticker that you can place on your bike.
  • Remember to lock up your bicycle! Buy a good calibre U-bolt lock to protect your bicycle. Failure to lock your bike or locking it with an inferior lock is an invitation to bicycle thieves. 
  • For more information, please contact Kim Reynolds, Investigative Staff Sergeant at