Yolanda MorbeyWestern Science
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    Kokanee (photo credit - Y. Xu)

Research in the Morbey Lab

Dr. Yolanda Morbey is an Associate Professor in Western’s Department of Biology where she teaches in the areas of ecology, evolution, and biostatistics. Her research focuses on adaptive timing behaviour of wildlife in seasonal environments. Field studies have always been integral to her research: from M.Sc. research on seabirds breeding on Triangle Island, BC; Ph.D. research on kokanee salmon in BC; postdoctoral research on lake trout in Algonquin Park, Ontario; and research on fish populations in Lake Huron while a Research Scientist with the Ontario government. Current graduate students at Western address diverse topics concerning wildlife in the Great Lakes region, such as the stopover behaviour, timing, and movement of long-distance migratory songbirds & the ecology and behaviour of native and introduced salmonid fishes. This fundamental science can and has informed wildlife conservation and management.