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Epomorphous wahlbergi
Epomorphous wahlbergi. [photo: Brock Fenton]


Lindsey Clairmont

Leslie Erdman

Colin Hayward, B.Sc. University of Guelph, entered the M.Sc. programme in September 2010 and is studying ecosystem services and conservation of the endemic Jamaican fig-eating bat, Ariteus flavescens.

Meghan Murphy entered the M.Sc. programme in September 2013. She will study air traffic control in nectar feeding bats, working in the Biodome in Montreal and in the field in Belize and Arizona.

Toby Thorne entered the M.Sc. programme in January 2013. He is studying the use of Amherst and Pelee Islands by migrating bats, in addition to the resident bat species of these islands.  Amherst Island is in Lake Ontario, Pelee Island in Lake Erie.