Dr. Nicole Haggerty Selected to Present at CAAS Conference

Dr. Haggerty has been selected to present at the CAAS Conference regarding her work with transforming African management education through Indigenous business cases. Her talk will center around her research in creating business cases from across the continent of Africa.


Case writing workshop, 2015, in Ghana at All Nations University Koforidu. 


Teaching management skills and knowledge through case-based methods has been a dominant mode of management education since the field’s inception because they foster critical thinking, judgement, analytical skills and communication capability.  Created at Harvard Business School, the method has diffused across the globe – with the exception of the continent of Africa.  Particularly in Sub-Saharan Africa, University Management Faculties and Programs have continued to rely on lecture-based methods due to human, financial, organizational and cultural resource constraints.  This research investigates a program that has resulted in the creation of a library of indigenous Africa cases which overcome one key resource constraint – relevant cases.  From real world start-up businesses in Rwanda, to microfinance organizations in Kenya and Ethiopia, to hospitality firms in Tanzania and Ghana, this research explores how the creation of indigenous African cases advances both African and global understanding of unique local institutional, cultural and social contexts in which economic activity occurs.  The research concludes with developing a model for how other topics of indigenous knowledge – through case-based methods - can be written, taught and disseminated as a mode of knowledge translation across a range of social science, humanities and science based fields.

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