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Octobert 29 - Novemeber 20
Guest Curators: Daniella Sneppova + Kathleen Pirrie Adams

An exhibition of eight video artworks, each of which subjects a particular song to a wild but discerning transformation.

The exhibition explores the use that artists have made of the popular song to reflect on its format, its contents, its mythologies and the emotions it engages. With something of the original still intact, each artwork moves the associations and affect of the song onto new terrain. Led Zeppelin is played against the iconic landscape of the West Coast and at the foot of the stairs of St. Paul’s Cathedral; Britney Spears lands in the antebellum cotton fields and Prince in a Glasgow bed-sit.

SONG SHOW features work by the following artists:
Anti-Cool and Duchess Says (Japan/Canada)
Beagles and Ramsay (Scotland)
Candice Breitz (Germany)
Michael Paul Britto (USA)
Benny Nemerofsky Ramsay (Canada)
Jeroen Offerman (Netherlands)
Kevin Schmidt (Canada)
Steina and Woody Vasulka (USA)