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November 15-December 7, 2007

Showcasing the recent work of Faculty and Staff from the Department of Visual Arts at the University of Western Ontario, [sic] features a juxtaposition of two and three dimensional works of art in various media set alongside a selection of quotes and misquotes.

In literature, the term “[sic]” denotes the verbatim transcription of a passage, indicating that any error or unconventionality has been retained from its original form. In this current bi-annual Faculty and Staff exhibition, contributors manifest the way that artists and scholars bring forward particularities and mistakes from earlier works in the interest of producing new and resonant expressions.

In the exhibition, artists and art historians experiment with visual art practices and texts to explore the transmission of information and also to question notions of authority, authorship, and source. [sic] is a canny and eclectic compilation of recent production from the Visual Arts Department at Western.