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April 17-24, 2008

What began as a seminar aimed at providing an intensive environment to develop the materially specific language of drawing and painting, quickly expanded away from inherited notions of what these media represent to coalesce around a rubric of “pictorial construction.” Using Jan Verwoert’s notions of a situative strategic painting that is immanently conceptual, Peter Bürger’s critique of a neo-avantgarde, and Jeff Wall’s ideas around depiction, the seminar grappled with the proposal of making pictures.
“Picture and Questions” represents the culmination and continuation of our seminar as providing an opportunity to expand upon the notion of pictorial construction with an on-going encounter with the space of the gallery.

Participating Students: Jennifer Wanner, Nicole Rayburn, Steve Lyons, Lyndsey Matchett, Ashley Guindon, Katja Beneke, and Robert Williams.