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March 26 - June 19 . 2005
Museum London
Exhibition curated by the Museum Studies class.
Professor: Christine Sprengler
An Exhibition curated from Museum London archives that celebrates London's 150th birthday.

Excerpt from the Foreword from the accompanying catalog:

"This year the Museum Studies class at the University of Western Ontario was faced with the monumental challenge of representing the last 150 years of London's history through a selection of artworks and artifacts. The seventeen students, most of who are not originally from London, immediately felt the weight of responsibility that such a task necessarily demands. However, after much discussion and debate, we formulated a list of questions, issues and concerns that would guide our planning process. The students quickly developed a very sophisticated understanding of how history is shaped, accessed and experienced and the various roles that the past can play in the present. They became acutely aware of the need to give voice and representation to the moments, individuals, and objects often excluded from the official representations and to balance these with what is familiar to Londoners and important to their sense of a collective community identity."
Professor Christine Sprengler