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Winter 2004
ArtLab, UWO

Created by the Gallery Practices class in Visual Arts at the University of Western Ontario with Professor Patrick MahonThe 2003-2004 Gallery Practices class at the University of Western Ontario, a group of ten students who were involved in curatorial and gallery-based work, assembled an exhibition within a constructed maze that considered the theme of "identity" in a unique way. Viewers had the opportunity to trace their way through a built, maze-like space to encounter works and objects that addressed the theme, (these included a giant book, a fractured portrait, family photographs), before they came upon what was the crux of the matter -- and perhaps of their own identities.
Students: Pamela Chrisjohn, Anna Jastrebski, Laura Lyons, Lori Matthews, Teresa Marcy, Ashleigh Petoran, Amelia Schembri, Dana Sikkens, Maureen Sullivan , Gayle Switzer