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NSERC Research Tools and Instruments Grants (RTI)

Research Tools and Instruments (RTI) grants foster and enhance the discovery, innovation and training capability of university researchers in the natural sciences and engineering by supporting the purchase of research equipment.

RTI Grants are one-year awards of up to $150,000 that assist in the purchase or fabrication of research equipment with a net cost between $7,001 and $250,000.  The research community is also encouraged to explore other avenues for funding research tools and instruments, including NSERC's other programs that include the purchase of equipment as eligible expenses, such as Discovery Grants.

Important Dates

N.B. When you 'submit' your application in the Research Portal, it does not go directly to NSERC. It is routed first to Research Development & Services for review and final submission to NSERC.


Eligibility to Apply

In addition to NSERC’s Eligibility Criteria for faculty, applicants and co-applicants must each currently hold, or be applying for/renewing, an NSERC research grant (Discovery Grant, Strategic Partnerships Grants, Collaborative Research and Development Grants, Canada Research Chairs and/or Canada Excellence Research Chairs) at the time of application.

In the event the applicant is not successful in obtaining a Discovery Grant while concurrently applying to the RTI Program, each case will be reviewed to determine if there are ample funds from other NSERC research grants to conduct the research linked to the RTI request.

Resources and Documents


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