Current Projects

  • Perceptual scaling of laryngeal overpressure in adductor spasmodic dysphonia  (Investigators, P. Doyle & K. Fung)
  • Aesthetic alteration and the social impact of facial scars (Investigators, M. Brandt, C. Moore, P. Doyle) 
  • Validation of the Western Scar Scale (Investigators:  M. Brandt, C. Moore, P. Doyle)
  • Green experiences following surgery for head and neck cancer (Investigators, A. Day, G. Jeremic, K. Fung, P. Doyle)
  • Clinical monitoring of distress in individuals diagnosed with head and neck cancer (Investigator, C. Bornbaum, P.Doyle)
  • Influence of flap reconstruction on TE speech intelligibility (Investigators:  L. Sleeth, K. Fung, P. Doyle)
  • Tissue impedance following radiotherapy for head and neck cancer (Investigators: J. Franklin)
  • Utility of acoustic measures in the diagnosis of vocal fold paralysis in infants (Investigators:  M. Husein, H. Alsaffar, A. Dzioba, P. Doyle)


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