headshotMarie-Ève Caty, M.P.O.

Doctoral Candidate, Health Professional Education

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Research interests: health professional education; health professional practice; professional learning; continuing professional development; reflective practice; speech-language pathology; head and neck cancer rehabilitation; quality of life; qualitative research.

Marie-Ève Caty, M.P.O., is a Ph.D. candidate of the Graduate Program in Health and Rehabilitation Sciences (Health Professional Education field) at the University of Western Ontario. Marie-Ève is affiliated with the Voice Production and Perception Laboratory, the Postlaryngectomy Research Laboratory, 
as well as the Laboratory for Well-Being & Quality of Life in Oncology, where she collaborates on a variety of research projects to better understand the impact of laryngectomy and improve rehabilitative services to laryngectomees.


Marie-Ève is a certified Speech-Language Pathologist (SLP) who graduated from the University of Montreal in 2002.  Marie-Ève has worked clinically serving both pediatric and adult patients in both private and hospital settings. Her clinical expertise and interests relate to speech processes particularly with respect to articulation, fluency, voice and resonance.  

Over the past years, she has worked in craniofacial and cleft-palate clinics and in a surgical department where she served those with voice disorders and laryngeal cancer; it was in such settings where she experienced and benefited from interprofessional collaboration.  Marie-Ève also has been a supervisor for SLP students and was involved in learning communities. A strong interest in continuing professional development, education and teaching has led Marie-Ève to become interested in the broad area of health professional education, particularly reflective practice.

Her research seeks to understand the process of reflection as it relates to the development of professional knowledge in everyday SLP practice within the context of head and neck cancer rehabilitation. The hypothesis is that reflective processes used by health-care practitioners contribute to professional knowledge in ways that are often implicit or taken-for-granted. It is expected that Marie-Ève’s research will produce a theoretical model that will make reflective processed more explicit and thus contribute to a better understanding of the capacity of RP to generate significant individual and collective disciplinary knowledge. Such model may also enhance the capacity of practitioners to use RP to develop professional knowledge, and in turn influence the quality of care provided to patients with head and neck cancer. Moreover, by contributing to knowledge about how RP is implicated in the generation of professional knowledge, this research contributes to an emerging body of empirical research on RP, with potential implications across the health professions. It is Marie-Ève’s hope that reflective practice will one day be recognized as a legitimate means of contributing to the individual and collective knowledge base of SLP practitioners.


Peer-Reviewed Publications:

Caty, M.E., Kinsella, E. A. & Doyle, P. (2009). Linking the art of practice in head and neck cancer rehabilitation with the scientist’s art of research: A case study on reflective practice. Canadian Journal of Speech-Language Pathology and Audiology, 33(4), 183-188.

Book Chapter:

Kinsella, E.A., Caty, M.E.,  Ng, S.,  & Jenkins, K. (2011,in press). Reflective Practice in Allied Health: Theory and Application. In Leona M. English (Ed.), Health and Adult Learning, Toronto:University of Toronto Press.

Peer-Reviewed Presentations:

Caty, M.-È., Kinsella, E.A., & Doyle, P.C.. A Case for Reflective Practice in Speech-Language Pathology.  Oral presentation, CASLPA Conference 2011, Montreal, Quebec, Canada, April 28th, 2011.


Richard J. Schmeelk Canada Fellowship (2008-2010)

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