Centre for Environment and Sustainability


September 16
"Dectection, attribution, extreme climate and weather events"
Dr. Francis Zwiers, Pacific Climate Impacts Consortium
3:30 pm, PAB 100

September 17
Dr. Stella Melo
Cloud Physics and Severe Weather Research
Environment Canada
2:30 pm PAB 100

September 17
"How Effective Altruism is Changing Ideas about Living Ethically"
Peter Singer, Princeton University
7:00 pm Great Hall
Somerville House

September 18
"Animal Liberation, 40 years on"
Peter Singer, Princeton University
3:30 pm Great Hall
Somerville House

September 22
"Cold snaps, heat waves and some non-obvious impacts on arthropod growth"
Dr. Bernie Roitberg
10:30 am B&GS 2084

September 30
"What's at Stake at the Paris Climate Summit?"
Daniel Mittler, Political Director
Greenpeace International
11:30 am SSC 4161