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    EnviroCon 2017 Planning is Under Way!:

    EnviroCon 2017 Planning is Under Way!

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    Keynote Speaker: Maude Barlow, The Council of Canadians

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EnviroCon 2017

What will Canada's (and Western's) environment look like in the next 150 years?

Welcome to EnviroCon! This conference is hosted by Western's Centre for Environment and Sustainability and is organized by graduate students in the collaborative program. The colloquium is FREE to attend and participate in. This event aims to bring together the knowledge and research of undergraduate and graduate students, faculty and community members involved in environment and sustainability. 

EDC welcomes posters and paper presentations on topics related to environment and sustainability

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MArch 1 - EnviroCon is only one week away!! Very excited for all the great events planned for this year's event! 

February 27 - Click here for the final EnviroCon Program! 

February 14 - EnviroCon 2017 Registration is now Open! Click here to register for this awesome event! 

February 14 - Alan MacEachern's presentation abstract is up! Check out the exciting talks here! 

February 6 - Maude Barlow and Jarmo Jalava's presentation abstracts are posted! Exciting Talks!!

January 25 - The EnviroCon 2017 Call for Papers is out! Submit your abstract to envirocon2017@gmail.com

January 20 - Click here for a draft program of Envirocon 2017 events! Lots of exciting things to look forward to this year!

January 18 - Welcome to EnviroCon 2017! Planning is underway and we are very excited for this year's event! Lots of excellent details have been confirmed already!


This year's EnviroCon will include Keynote Speaker Maude Barlow, invited speakers, a panel luncheon, student presentations and an environmental booth exhibit!

Final Program posted here!

Call for Papers

Absrtract submission deadline is February 15, 2017. Click here for more details.


Keynote Speaker: Maude Barlow

The Council of Canadians

Jarmo Jalava

Carolinian Canada Coalition

Alan MacEachern

Professor, Department of History, Western University

For full speaker bios click here.