Centre for Environment and SustainabilityWestern Science
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About the Centre for Environment & Sustainability

Human activity can have complex and far-reaching effects on our fragile environment, creating a need for insightful environmental research and stewardship. In the 21st century, identifying environmental problems and developing and implementing sensible and practical solutions will increasingly depend upon research innovation and collaboration between industry, government, academics and communities. The Centre for Environment and Sustainability (CES), is an interdisciplinary initiative supported by the Faculty of Science (host faculty), Faculty of Engineering and Faculty of Social Science, and other contributing faculties. It is home to the Undergraduate Environmental Science program, the Masters in Environment and Sustainability program and the Collaborative Environment and Sustainability program.

The mission of the Centre for Environment and Sustainability is to facilitate an interdisciplinary environment of teaching and research that advances the understanding of environmental and societal interactions. Through this mission, the CES aims to develop the next generation of environment and sustainability leaders and researchers.

Research and learning in the CES is driven by identified needs in addressing key environment and sustainability issues, as well as building on existing strengths across campus, in the following areas: water resources and contamination; climate and atmospheric change; nutrients, contaminants and remediation of soils and sediment; natural and anthropogenic hazards, and clean technology.