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Research Associate

The TCNLab

The goal of the Translational Cognitive Neuroscience Lab (TCNLab), directed by Tim Bussey and Lisa Saksida, is to understand the circuits and mechanisms underlying cognition, particularly learning and memory. This is essential for improving diagnosis and early detection of brain disease, and for finding possible new treatments. The research carried out by the TCNLab team combines neurobiological techniques for manipulating brain circuits (e.g., DREADDs, optogenetics, pharmacology, transgenic and knockout mouse models, viral vectors) with sophisticated analysis of cognition using mainly touchscreen-based assessment systems.

The TCNLab is currently in the process of moving from the University of Cambridge to Western (see Western News), where it will be part of the Brain and Mind Institute and Robarts Research Institute. We are looking for an enthusiastic and motivated Research Associate to oversee the day-to-day operations in the lab. The Research Associate will be proficient in the scientific techniques used in the lab, and will develop and maintain SOPs and train lab members in their use. He or she will also spend a proportion of time leading experiments and analyzing data, writing manuscripts, scientific reports, and disseminating information, and will be expected to play a role in guiding the scientific direction of the TCNLab including grant writing. The Research Associate will interact with and help to oversee trainees, and will work in collaboration with other lab staff, postdoctoral fellows and students.

For details see: Working at Western  Reference 5584

For any questions please contact Tim Bussey ( or Lisa Saksida (