Brain and Mind Institute

BMI Lab Directory

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P.I.Lab WebsitePhoneLocation
Daniel Ansari Numerical Cognition Laboratory x. 81116 Westminster Hall
Rob Bartha Bartha Group Robarts Research Institute
Blaine Chronik

Chronik Group

Physics & Astronomy
Robarts Research Institute
Adam Cohen Cohen Lab Westminster Hall
Brian Corneil Gaze Control Lab Robarts Research Institute
Jody Culham Culham Lab x. 85215 Natural Sciences Centre
Rhodri Cusack Cusack Lab x. 82867 Natural Sciences Centre
Mark Daley The Daley Lab x. 87897 Western Science Centre
Stefan Everling Laboratory for Neural Circuits & Cognitive Control (519) 663-5777 x24359 Robarts Research Institute
Melvyn Goodale The Goodale Lab (519) 661-2070 Natural Sciences Centre
Jessica Grahn Music and Neuroscience Lab Natural Sciences Centre
Paul Gribble Motor Control Lab x. 86185 Natural Sciences Centre
Elizabeth Hayden Personality and Emotion
Development Lab
x. 80348 Westminster Hall
Marc Joanisse Language, Reading and
Cognitive Neuroscience Lab
x. 81408 Natural Sciences Centre
Stefan Köhler Köhler Memory Lab x. 86299 Natural Sciences Centre
Stephen Lomber Cerebral Systems Laboratory Social Science Centre
Penny MacDonald MacDonald Lab Natural Sciences Centre
Ken McRae Cognitive Science Lab x. 84304 Social Science Centre
Ravi Menon Menon Group (519) 931-5261 Robarts Research Institute
Derek Mitchell x. 84623 Natural Sciences Centre
J. Bruce Morton Cognitive Development and
Neuroimaging Laboratory
Westminster Hall
Adrian Owen The Owen Lab x. 84672 Natural Sciences Centre
Dante Pirouz Richard Ivey School of Business
Brian Timney Social Science Centre
Tutis Vilis Vilis Lab x. 83481 Natural Sciences Centre