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Culture Crawl connects across community

By Heather HughesWestern News, March 24, 2016

Western SASAH students bridged the gap between town and gown during an immersive experience outside of the University Gates in London’s arts and cultural community recently. Read more

Western Student Research Conference

SASAH students Morgan McAuley, Haley Everitt and Jacqueline Grassi will be presenting in the Western Undergraduate Research Conference March 19.

Meg Cormack debuts new play

glass posterOn February 26, third Year SASAH/Honours English Language and Literature Student Meg Cormack debuted her new play, Squalls of Glass at the McManus Theatre. This production was performed by students enrolled in George Ramos's English 3666F (American Drama) course. All proceeds went to support Canadian Mental Health Association Middlesex. 

The River Is Everywhere: Investigating Local Water through Images and Activism

Exhibition at Satellite Project Space - February 2016

This celebratory event showcased the creative investigations of a class entitled "Water Now,"through the presentation of photographs, posters, a water treatment sculpture, and an archive developed by the students. This SASAH course was taught by Prof. Patrick Mahon from Visual Arts and the exhibit was on display February 9-12, 2016 at Satellite Project Space in downtown London. At the opening reception, an Indigenous ceremony was performed by Dan and Mary Lou Smoke and all attendees were invited to participate. View more photos

Video above is an Indigenous ceremony performed by Dan and Mary Lou Smoke as part of the opening of The River Is Everywhere: Investigating Local Water through Images and Activism. 

Finding meaning half a world away

rachel goldsteinRachel Goldstein admits she never understood the power one person could have on a seemingly infinite world. That is until a service-learning trip to Rwanda in the summer of 2014, one backed by a donor-funded Global Opportunities Award, changed her mind.

“I went to Rwanda wondering if I would help a single person, wondering if our team would help anyone,” says the Arts & Humanities and Biology student. “I left knowing that almost 250 students had listened to our message. Read more

The Sublime Art of Wasting Your Time

By Vince CherniakThe London Yodeller, March 12, 2015

Joel Faflak (English/SASAH) talks about the transformative power of the imagination in the latest issue of The London Yodeller. Read the full article

Give creativity time and space in your life

Western News, March 05, 2015

The Walrus Talks Creativity event hits campus on Thursday, March 12. Western News sat down with one of the speakers, author Emma Donoghue, to discuss creativity.Read the full article


Visit the SASAH Blog for recent projects, reflections, and travel journals from SASAH students.

2013-2014 NEWS:

SASAH students' project draws history from old home 

As part of a classroom assignment, SASAH students were asked to research a local historical home. Students presented their findings in a number of creative ways including handmade books, newspaper articles and essays. One group (students include Haley Everitt, Jacqueline Grassi, Dessa Hayes) had the pleasure of researching the historic home of David and Ann Lindsay, and presented their findings in a creative video.

Haley Everitt comments on the experience: "Dessa, Jacqueline, and I were lucky enough to have been given the opportunity to visit the house we spent a great deal of time researching for our project. It was wonderful to drive up to the house only recognizable to us from Jacqueline's pencil sketches and to meet the owners we had read so much about in the archives section of the library. Thank you to David and Ann Lindsay for your gracious invitation and your enthusiasm while showing us around your beautiful home. We would also like to thank Jessica Schagerl, the Alumni and Development Officer for the Faculty of Arts and Humanities, for arranging the visit."

SASAH students visit Western Indigenous Services

groupOn Thursday, January 23rd, SASAH students visited Western Indigenous Services where they were treated to a traditional meal and singing/drumming performance. This event was part of a Fourth-Hour Session called "Nurturing Students' Gifts: Wholistic Approaches to Indigenous Learning" (attended by Dr. Kelly Olson and over 20 SASAH students). This particular session was co-presented by Candace Brunette, Coordinator of Indigenous Services, and Joel Burton of the Public Humanities at Western.

SASAH students visit Royal Ontario Museum

romRecently students had the opportunity to visit the ROM in Toronto for a day of hands-on learning! Students enjoyed interactive lectures and tours by Western Classical Studies professor and Roman archaeologist Elizabeth Greene. See more photos on our Flickr site

Leadership discussion shares Homecoming stage

joelBy Wayne Newton, Western News, October 2, 2013 Is there a quiet revolution in leadership? Maybe, according to professor Joel Faflak, director of Western’s new School for Advanced Studies in the Arts & Humanities. Faflak was part of a six-person panel discussion on the Cultures of Leadership held Sunday morning in the Paul Davenport Theatre, as part of the university’s Homecoming celebration. Read more

SASAH Welcomes First Cohort!

studetnsOur first cohort of students have arrived and we welcomed them with a reception in early September. We look forward to getting to know our students and integrating them into the Western community!

SASAH Launch Celebrations

launchOn Thursday, November 29th, the School for Advanced Studies in the Arts & Humanities officially launched! Held at Weldon Library, this event showcased the School's course material through interactive demonstrations by our faculty members, as well as other campus and community partners.

Is big bad and small good?

by Ken MacQueen, Maclean's Magazine, University Rankings Issue (November 2012)

It’s 11:30 a.m. and this is how the morning has gone for the 71 students in Science One at the University of British Columbia—one of the rare small-class programs that brings big universities down to a more human scale. It started with a physics mid-term, which most of these high achievers feel good about. Then a quick, unscripted shift into biology. Read more.

New school rethinks arts and humanities education

by Adela Talbot, Western News, October 11, 2012

Next fall, Western will welcome 25 undergraduate students to its new School for Advanced Studies in the Arts and Humanities (SASAH), a unique-to-Canada program offering what organizers call an elite liberal arts education. Read More