School for Advanced Studies in the Arts & HumanitiesWestern Arts and Humanities



The application period for the SASAH 2016-17 academic year is now closed. For those who have submitted applications, you will receive a response in the coming weeks.

The School is a direct admissions program that accepts only 25 students per year. The minimum overall average for admission is 90%. Students apply to the Faculty of Arts and Humanities at Western using the OUAC application form.

In addition to filling out the OUAC application, students applying to the School for Advanced Studies in the Arts and Humanities must provide a clear and succinct Statement of Interest (750-1000 words) that addresses the following:

1. your reasons for applying to the School for Advanced Studies in the Arts and Humanities;

2. highlights of your academic achievements;

3. any volunteer, professional, cultural or extracurricular activities relevant to your application;

4. the impact of an artefact (book, painting, sculpture, etc.) or event (play, concert, etc.) on your development.

Statement of Interests must be submitted to: School’s Research Fellows will produce a shortlist of candidates to be interviewed for final acceptance to the School’s Program.

Should you have any questions about the School prior to applying to Western, please don't hesitate to contact us at

Apart from academic excellence and extracurricular experience, the School will aim to represent students from all Departments across the Faculty. In exceptional circumstances we may admit students to the second year of the program.