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Welcome to SASAH!

Understanding our increasingly diversified, interconnected world demands the vision and insight of sustainable responses to complex issues. Meeting this challenge through critical and cultural thought and practice defines the mandate of the School for Advanced Studies in the Arts and Humanities: to educate the imaginations of our students so they can realize their potential to help transform the world.

Joel Faflak

SASAH combines interdisciplinary study, experiential and service learning, language acquisition, and international study to make our students employment ready. But it also makes them ambassadors for a learned, tolerant, compassionate society. As global citizens we expect our students to disrupt accepted ways of knowing. Thinking deeply means finding new modes of thought and action, greater capacities for insight, new ways to relate to others. We need to understand the myths we’ve lived by, creating new ones where required, discarding old ones where necessary.

So, we ask our students to think in terms of far-reaching value, viability, and fulfillment as well as short-term feedback and success. They analyze, orchestrate, synthesize, and manage vast swaths of knowledge across divergent fields. What sets them apart as invaluable assets to any society is their fearless intellectual and emotional curiosity. They critique, intuit, imagine, and beautifully and persuasively express what isn’t said or known in order to change people’s minds for the better. This makes them visionaries.

Here’s to the incoming 2016/17 SASAH class, to all SASAH students, and to the future!

Dr. Joel Faflak, SASAH Director