Kim Verwaayen

kim's cat imageMA, PhD
Associate Professor - Women's Studies and Feminist Research

Office: Lawson Hall 3236
Phone: 519-661-2111 ext. 84684


Feminist theory, particularly feminist literary theory, and postmodern, poststructuralist, and postcolonial feminisms; women's life-writing; feminist historiography and historiographic metafiction; representation, subjectivities, sexualities; intersubjectivity and (other) theories of relation; Canadian literature, especially contemporary Canadian women's writing; Indigenous women's writing; feminist pedagogy; internationalization; trauma studies


  • "Ethical Relations, Intertextuality, and the Im/Possibilities of an 'Intersubjective Third' in Margaret Atwood's The Journals of Susanna Moodie." Forthcoming in Contemporary Women's Writing.
  • "Appropriate Appropriations: Reading Responsibility in Joan Crate's Pale as Real Ladies." Forthcoming in Canadian Literature 215 (Winter 2013).
  • "Folding Back the Skin of Text: The Fugitive Pieces of Trauma and Testimony in Anne Michaels." Forthcoming in A/B Studies 27.2 (2012).
  • "Losing/Standing Ground as We Speak: Land, Nation, and Indigenous Women's Testimony in Canada's Acts of Abocide. "Forthcoming in Zeitschrift für Kanada-Studien / Journal of Canadian Studies (2012).
  • "Bildung [sic] Words to Push Them Down: Roots, Rhizomes and Metacritical De/Construction in Isabella Valancy Crawford's Malcolm's Katie." Feminist Studies in English Literature 19.3 (2011): 177-209.
  • "The P(r)ose of Madness: Subversion/Containment and/as Cryptomimesis in Charlotte Perkins Gilman's The Yellow Wall-Paper." Creativity, Madness and Civilization. Ed. Richard Pine. Newcastle: Cambridge Scholars' Press, 2007. 126-139.
  • "Re-Membering the (W)Holes: Memory, Counter-Memory, and Bergsonian Time in Anne Michaels' Miner's Pond." Canadian Poetry: Studies, Documents, Reviews. 46 (2000): 69-85.
  • "Region/Body: In? Of? And? Or? (Alter/Native) Separatism in the Politics of Nicole Brossard." Essays on Canadian Writing. 61 (1997): 1-16 (Winner of the George Wicken Prize in Canadian Literature.)
  • "Re-examining the Gaze in the Handmaid's Tale." Open Letter: A Canadian Journal of Writing and Theory. 9th ser. 4. (1995): 44-55.

Edited Collections

Co-editor (with Wendy Pearson: UWO, Ernie Blackmore: U of Wollongong, and Renee Bedard: UWO): First Women and the Politics of Looking: Gender, Indigeneity and Representation. Anthology in process. (Book proposal accepted by UBC Press; review process yet to be undertaken.)

Recent Presentations

  • Upcoming: "Against Canada's Cannibal Consumption of Alterity: Writing Wendigo." Theory and Literary Criticism: The Western Fascination with Cannibalism. Northeast Modern Language Association, 21-24 March 2013, Boston, USA.
  • Invited: Losing Ground as We Speak: First Nations Women's Testimony Considered in Canada's Acts of Abocide. Landscapes of Difference Conference: 33rd Annual Conference of the GKS. International Council for Canadian Studies, 24-26 February 2012, Grainau, Germany.
  • Invited: Panelist. Closing Remarks. Landscapes of Difference Conference: 33rd Annual Conference of the GKS. International Council for Canadian Studies, 24-26 February 2012, Grainau, Germany.
  • They forced someone like me to take it through the courts: Speech, Silence/ing, and Surplus Value in Aboriginal Women's Testimony in Canada. The Future of Testimony Conference. 11-12 August, 2011, University of Salford, Manchester, UK.
  • In absentia; paper read by Dr. Wendy Pearson. Trauma, Testimony, and the ?Fugitive Pieces of Memory: Anne Michaels and Ruptured Autobiography. Echoes of Trauma Conference. 3-5 March, 2011, Louisiana State University, Baton Rouge, USA.

Selected Awards and Achievements


  • Carl F. and Margaret E. Klinck Prize: "most original and outstanding Ph.D. thesis on Canadian Literature in English" U.W.O. (2005)
  • Marilyn Robinson Award for Excellence in Teaching (2009)
  • Bank of Nova Scotia, U.W.O. Alumni Association and University Students' Council Award of Excellence in Undergraduate Teaching (2004-05)

Personal Note

Women's Studies and Feminist Research at Western has been like home to me since I first began teaching here. Working with the active, conscientious, highly-engaged students of this discipline (both learning from them and further encouraging their passion for knowledge and critical inquiry) across all levels of our programs, from first-year classes to grad courses, has been the drive and reward of my training as an academic.