What is the Western Directory?

The Western Directory is a centralized database of contact information for faculty, staff, University departments and affiliated organizations.  It includes such information as:

  • email addresses
  • phone numbers
  • job titles
  • building name and room numbers
  • department mail addresses
  • departmental services and other departmental contact information

What do I do if my information is not correct?

To correct, change or update your personal non-role information, use the update form Update Request for Personal Data. To Check information about yourself, search for your entry in the Directory and view the details by clicking on your name. A link to the Update Request for Personal Data form is also available at the bottom of the person details display page, so that you can submit changes from there.

If you need to correct or update your role information such as phone location or job title, contact your Directory Coordinator.

How do I configure Outlook, Thunderbird or another Mail client to use the Western Directory?

Information on configuring your specific email client to use the Western Directory can be found at http://www.uwo.ca/wts/office_365/contacts.html under Using Western Directory.

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