Who can book WALS?

  • WALS is a general use classroom and may be booked by instructors from any discipline for courses, tutorials, and class-related activities.

To view the WALS booking policy, click here

To see when WALS is available, view our WALS booking calendar.

To book WALS, submit a booking request form.

I’m teaching a course next term and I would like to book my class in WALS. How do I book the room?

  • To see if WALS is available, visit the Room Bookings Calendar under the Booking tab. You may request WALS for your class by filling out the Request Form, also found under the Booking tab. You will be asked to provide details about your course and when you would like to book the space. You will also be asked to indicate whether or not you have completed an introductory WALS workshop with the Centre for Teaching and Learning. Once you submit the form, it will be sent to Institutional Planning and Budgeting and the CTL and you will receive an email about next steps.

Do I need to book WALS for my entire course? What about booking it for just one class or tutorial?

  • You can request WALS for an entire course or just for a class or two. When you complete the Request Form, you will be asked to provide details about when you need the room.

What devices are supported in WALS?

  • WALS is a multiplatform space that supports both Mac and PC laptops, so instructors and students can bring their own devices. WALS also features wireless internet and multiple power outlets at each pod.

    Students can also use their laptops, tablets, and smartphones to connect to Solstice, an app that lets them project their screens onto the whiteboards in WALS. You can also explore the information sheets on Connecting to Solstice at each pod.

    Note: The process for using Solstice is slightly different for smartphones and tablets than it is for laptops. To download the app on a smartphone or tablet, visit the App Store or Google Play. If you open the app and see a “no available receiver” message, use your device’s Menu button to log in.

I just downloaded the Solstice app, but I can’t open it because it says it is from an “unidentified developer.” How can I open it?

  • Some Mac users may have this issue. To override these security settings, follow the steps below:

  1. Once you download the Solstice app, hold the Control button and click on the Solstice icon. A drop-down menu will appear.
  2. Click "Open" on the drop-down menu. A message will appear that says "Are you sure you want to open it?"
  3. Click "Open” to launch the Solstice application.

I’m teaching in WALS and want to project using my laptop. What cords do I need to hook up my laptop to the WALS central control system?

  • You can hook up your Mac or PC laptop in WALS with either an HDMI or VGA cord. HDMI cords transmit both audio and video, while VGA cords only transmit video (so if you use a VGA cord, you must bring a separate audio cable to play sound). The cords are stored on the shelf inside the instructor station. Note that Mac users may need to bring their own adaptors to use certain cords.


I used the proper cords to connect my laptop to the central control system, but my device isn’t projecting onto the screens. How can I fix this?

  • Some instructors who use Macs may need to “mirror” their display to project in WALS. To mirror your display, follow this process:

  1. Plug in the appropriate cords.
  2. Go to your Finder and click on Applications, then System Preferences, then Arrangement.
  3. Check the box next to “Mirror Displays.” This will let you project your screen.

The WALS speakers won’t play sound from audio or visual files on my laptop. How can I solve this problem?

  • If you are a Mac user and want to play sound over the classroom speakers, you need to download Soundflower, an OS X system extension that allows users to play audio with other applications. Soundflower is easy to use and is available to download for free online.

My students need to practice for their presentations in WALS. How do they do this?

  • Student presentations should be practiced during sandbox times. Your TA should attend a WALS training session, since they are in charge of supervising student practices. The TA should check the sandbox times on the WALS calendar and email us to confirm WALS will be available for student practices.

How can I try out the technology at WALS during the school term?

  • Sandbox times are reserved on the WALS calendar for instructors to experiment with the technology. Please check the calendar and email us when you intend to use a sandbox time. That will enable us book off that time to avoid any conflicts.

If you need further assistance, click here for contact information.