About WALS

WALS (Western Active Learning Spaces) represent a range of active learning classrooms available at Western University.  These classrooms are designed and equipped with tools that promote active and collaborative learning. Active learning promotes deeper learning by enabling students engage in discussions, problem solving and other hands on activities rather than being passive participants in classes.

Student feedback based on their experience of WALS:

“It is a very different learning environment, which I have found better engages students and allows many more options to be available for presentations”

“Great for team meetings in terms of layout and resources, as well as for activities…….”

“It is a very effective environment for the facilitating of learning and collaboration…”

Instructor feedback based on their experience of WALS:

“WALS there is nowhere for the instructor to hide, but also no reason to hide – you show up, lay out a template for learning and watch as the students jump into the swimming pool of engagement, frolic, play and come together as a small community of active learners.  Closest most us will ever get to the pure joy of teaching at a university level”