Booking Policy

Interest in teaching in WALS rooms is outstripping its capacity. As such, the Office of Institutional Planning and Budgeting (IPB) and the Centre for Teaching and Learning (CTL) have collaborated to develop a booking policy for the academic year that balances equity, access, and student learning in WALS.

Booking Principles


  • Instructors and courses will be limited to 4 hours / week between the hours of 8:30am and 4:30pm (a single course will not be booked into WALS for more than 4 / week; an individual instructor will not be booked into WALS for more than 4 hours / week).
  • There will be no weekly hour limit when booking the classroom after the hours of 4:30pm.
  • Priority will be given to credit courses; requests to use the space for other uses will be considered on a case-by-case basis when it will not interfere with for-credit instruction.
  • Classes with larger enrolment will be prioritized.
  • Priority will be given to requests booked directly by instructors.
  • The spaces cannot be booked by student groups or for classes held at an affiliate institution.

 Student Learning

  • Instructors must demonstrate a clear link between the course’s learning outcomes, teaching and learning strategies and the affordances offered by the WALS classroom.
  • Instructors who would like to teach in WALS agree to participate in WALS-specific classroom training and (as necessary) consult with the Centre for Teaching and Learning regarding course design.


  • All booking requests must be made through the WALS booking request form.
  • The use of WALS in past years does not guarantee access to the same slot the next academic year.
  • Courses ought not to be double-booked (i.e. other General Use classroom being held for a course while that course is offered in WALS).
  • Booking of WALS will occur at the same time as the booking of other General Use classrooms.
  • When all other criteria are equal, WALS will be booked on a first-come, first-serve basis.

Procedure for Booking WALS

  • A WALS booking request form must be submitted for all WALS requests.
  • If two or more courses request the same time slot, the CTL will endeavor to coordinate with the offering department and course instructor to offer other available time slots in WALS.
  • Term-long bookings should be submitted prior to the start of the term as follows:
Booking Dates Booking Submission Window Bookings Posted on WALS Calendars
Fall and Winter April  May
Summer / Intersession November December