Sport Western


What to Expect after your WWD is Booked

Email Communication

  • 1. You will receive an email Early May with program details and an invoice

    2. You will receive a follow-up email 10 business days prior to your Wild Western Days field trip finalizing your program details.  At this time, Wild Western Days will be requesting a signed copy of your field trip program details form, confirming your final group number.  

    • Please note: you will have 5 BUSINESS DAYS PRIOR TO YOUR CLASS TRIP, to finalize field trip numbers. If we do not receive your confirmation 5 business days prior to your class trip, your school will be charged your original invoiced amount. Eg. Last day to change program details, including number of students, are due Monday, May 22nd for a field trip scheduled on Monday, May 29th 

What to Bring

Emergency Contact List

  • We strongly recommend teachers bring in a list of every student's emergency contacts (parents/guardians) & phone numbers. In the case of an emergency Ontario Health Card information will be required. Our primary facilities for emergencies are Fowler Kennedy Sport Medicine Clinic and University Hospital both located on campus.


  • A cheque made payable to Western University for Wild Western Days.

What to Expect When You Arrive

Friendly Wild Western Days Staff in purple shirts!

  • When you arrive to Western University in the Huron Flatts parking lot, you will be greeted by our enthusiastic Wild Western Days staff! One of our staff will greet your group on your bus, and determine what school you are from. From here you will be directed towards a grassy area to gather with your students. Our Wild Western Days staff will then review our safety policies and give an overview of what your day will look like!

Teacher Expectations


  • Our Wild Western Day staff will take head counts from the time your students step off of  the bus, until the time that they get back on the bus. However, you know your students best, and we ask that you assist us in ensuring the wherabouts of your students at all times throughout the day.

    Teachers are expected to stay with their group ALL day.