Analysis: geometric analysis, operator algebras, mathematical physics, harmonic analysis, complex analysis. 

The analysis group at Western studies topics including analytic techniques in noncommutative geometry, symplectic geometry, and mathematical physics; operator algebras; geometric analysis; harmonic analysis; complex analysis and geometry; several complex variables; CR geometry; analytic geometry; singularity theory.  

If you are interested in graduate work in this research area, direct your application to the Department of Mathematics.  

  • Janusz Adamus- Analytic geometry, commutative algebra, singularities.  
  • Tatyana Barron - Symplectic geometry, analysis on manifolds, automorphic forms.  
  • Masoud Khalkhali - Cyclic homology, operator algebras, noncommutative geometry, geometric analysis.  
  • Martin Pinsonnault - Symplectic geometry and topology, geometric topology.  
  • Rasul Shafikov - Several complex variables, CR geometry.  
  • Gord Sinnamon - Hardy inequalities, Fourier inequalities, function spaces, positive operators.