Creating My Perfect Night Time Routine

The view from the end of someone's bed looking out into the night skyWritten by: Maryam Khan, 3rd Year Health Sciences

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Before climbing into bed and ending up sleeping squished with my dog by my side, I follow a sacred night routine. Well, I try to! As a student, completing readings for that 9:30 class and pulling all-nighters for a midterm seems to always overlap with our downtime before bed. But, until recently, I hadn't realized the benefit of having a structured night routine. Preparing for the next day in terms of making a daily To-Do-List, planning that outfit-of-the-day, practicing a skincare routine, and meditating while listening to music has been one of the beneficial habits I have adopted. Taking those few minutes to integrate relaxing and organized practices can help you sleep comfortably and start your next day productively! Developing good habits take time, but it surely pays off!

The Pesky To-Do List

I am one of those people who think they can handle the challenge of remembering essential tasks for the day. Unfortunately, it took me many tries before I learned my lesson! It seems time-consuming at night, but making rough to-do lists for the next day has helped me stay organized. To-do-Lists motivate me to start my day productively, and I find it encouraging as I look forward to another day! We all are human. Knowing that we still have time to complete specific tasks we didn't get around to earlier may reassure us on the possibility that tasks can get done soon. Your To-Do-List can start simply as a handful of essential tasks for the day. Having my tasks scribbled on a crumpled piece of paper also aids in setting my priorities straight. Staying on top of tasks can be challenging, and everyone has different methods of tackling their tasks. Regardless, tracking one's progress can get easier with practice and the intention of staying productive.


I may not always be put together in terms of what I wear, and that is okay! But planning what I wear the next day is something that saves me time in the morning. Essentially, I hit the snooze button and sleep an extra 15 minutes! I tend to arrange my outfit, workout gear, and gym clothes at the same time. I find this habit beneficial as I can organize ahead and find less time to make excuses for going to the gym. There were times where my excuse to miss out on a workout was because I was "too tired" to pick out my gym clothes! As for my clothes, setting them aside earlier helps reduce the chances of a closet tornado!

Holy Grail, Skin Care

All throughout high school and my first year, I was dealing with skin issues. As many of us have, I had bad acne regardless of how clean my diet was and staying hydrated. During the year of COVID-19, I found myself having a strict skincare routine. Investing time in myself did really pay off. I quickly realized that it wasn't just the products I used but the time I took to take care of myself. What I've learned is that healthy self-care habits, regardless of what they are, are indispensable. It sounds typical to assume this, but it's essential to look after yourself, especially in this fast-paced world. It's easy to get careless and neglect yourself or feel guilty when taking the time for yourself. Regardless, it's crucial to adopt self-care habits for one's wellbeing.

Music and Meditation Break

Listening to music before bed helps me wind down for the night. I usually pair it up with my unconventional approach to meditation. Personally, my music choice differs every night. However, I usually stick to acoustic covers or classical music. Choice of music does have an impact on our mood, so if you do play Cardi B right before bed, be ready for a dance break instead! I also find myself falling asleep quickly and having a better quality of sleep when I do take the time to relax, connect with myself and listen to music. My combination of meditating and listening to Adele's new single may not be everyone's cup of tea, but that's what I found to work for me. The bottom line is to wind down and relax while getting ready for bed.

As students, some of us may not see the benefits of practicing night routines before bed. It does take an effort to stick with a new routine at first, but once you get the hang of it, you won't think twice! Adopting these habits has impacted my productivity and my comfort. As a student, these practices have become fundamental and the main staples of my nightly routine. Surely, we all have a different approach to practicing routine, staying productive and organized. However, some structure to end the day can greatly impact your wellbeing!

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