The Simple Things That Bring Us Joy: Being Comfy

A dog sleeping and being comfy on a bedWritten by: Hiba Elsadati 

Photo by: Amy Humphries on Unsplash

Whether you've seen it online or at your nearest Costco, the Comfy blanket is the new raging item on the market. This two-armed blanket will keep you warm at any time and is a convenient way to stay comfortable. The comfy, originally starting as shark tank idea, has become the talk of the internet! By redefining the Snuggy, the Comfy is the newest way to keep comfortable. It includes features such as a hoodie that doubles as a pillow, so you can rest at any time. The outside of this blanket is a very soft comfortable material, and the inside is a soft, high-quality Sherpa material that feels nice on your skin! At the front of the blanket, we have a large pocket that can be accessed from each side, and the sleeves have an elastic band on them. But wait, there's more! This oversized blanket comes in one size fits all and can keep anyone warm! Another reason why I prefer this blanket over all other types is that you get to wear the comfy like a sweater. So, there's never that additional worry of dragging it on the floor or forgetting it on the couch because the comfy will always be on your person. This blanket is retailed at just $39.99 and can make for the perfect gift. Whether you plan to lay on the couch all day or take your dog on a walk, the comfy will always be the right attire. Since I've purchased one of these, I haven't been able to take it off! It is the perfect way to make your day a little brighter and your arms a bit warmer. So, make sure you head to your nearest Bed Bath and Beyond and get one of these before they're all sold out! 

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