Older Movies You’ve Probably Heard of But Haven’t Watched (Yet)

A reel of movie filmWritten by: Clementine Kohlenberg, Social Science Student

Photo by: Denise Jans on Unsplash

In the electronic age, there are a plethora of movies available at the click of a button. This can actually make it pretty hard to choose what movie to watch when you have the time to do so! To help make your movie selection a little easier, I’ve compiled a shortlist of movies from the past 5 decades that you might have heard of but just haven’t gotten around to watching yet. To kick it off, we’ll start with the 2000s!

2000s — Marie Antoinette (2006) 

Starting off with the 2000s, we have Sofia Coppola’s sweet-as-sugar Marie Antoinette. This movie is a biopic of the equally infamous and iconic Queen of France. You’d never know this movie was set in the 1700s, though, with its colorful set design and rock n’ roll soundtrack. Songs by bands like The Strokes and The Cure play as you watch Kirsten Dunst (playing Antoinette) eat sweets and dance the night away. You don’t have to be a history buff to enjoy Coppola’s unique take on the Queen’s reign as she does a wonderful job at depicting Antoinette’s life as if it were any other teenage girl you’d see today.

‘90s — Rushmore (1998)

Moving back into the ‘90s, Rushmore by Wes Anderson takes the stage. This movie is one of the quirkier options on this list, which is only natural coming from Anderson. The plot is fairly straightforward, a boy falls in love with his teacher, but the film is far more intricate and charming. Jason Schwartzman stars as the lead alongside Bill Murray and Olivia Williams, and the dialogue between their characters is lovely to watch. If you’re looking for a movie that’s a bit more offbeat with a delightful soundtrack, this is the film for you.

‘80s — Heathers (1988)

This next entry is definitely one of the more popular movies mentioned. If you haven’t already seen it, Heathers, directed by Michael Lehmann, is a great movie to watch. At first glance, Heathers resembles the typical John Hughes film like Say Anything or The Breakfast Club due to its teenage cast and high school setting. However, Lehmann takes a spin on the typical coming-of-age plot as he incorporates themes of violence and death — something not typical of a girly chick-flick. This film has a stellar script that is acted out beautifully by Winona Ryder and Christian Slater, and is definitely worth watching.

‘70s — Eraserhead (1977) 

Onto the grooviest decade so far, we have Eraserhead directed by David Lynch. This movie is definitely the weirdest of all on this list but is a really interesting watch. Personally, I recommend you watch this one with a friend — partially for the film’s unnerving ambiance, but also to have someone to discuss what you just witnessed. Each scene is somewhat disturbing in its own unique way, which is quite impressive considering the film’s budget and the time during which it was released. If you decide to watch, Eraserhead will probably feel like it’s never-ending, but the watch is worth it, even if it’s just to be able to say “I watched Eraserhead” to your friends.

‘60s — The Graduate (1967) 

Finally, we have the ‘60s. For this decade, it’s the movie the Graduate. This movie has gone down as a classic rom-com/drama that is as funny today as when it was released in 1967. Directed by Mike Nichols, The Graduate features a new grad (hence the title) with no sense of direction who finds sustenance in an affair with an older woman while simultaneously falling in love with her daughter. If you’re a fan of 60s music, then you’ll really enjoy this film as it's filled with songs by the wildly successful duo Simon & Garfunkel. This film is a lighthearted classic that is easy to watch and will make you laugh! 

These are only a few of the hundreds of spectacular films available to watch from the past sixty years. There is an ocean of films just waiting for you to watch them, so don’t be afraid to dip your toes and try out movies that might seem out of your comfort zone! You never know what you might find.

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