My Morning Routine: My Daily Dose of Joy

A photo of a white ceramic mug sitting on a windowsill with fall leaves in the backgroundWritten by: Shubh Borad, 4th Year Health Science

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If there is one thing I learned throughout my time at Western, it is that taking time out to do the small things that give you joy is a necessity. Especially during midterm or finals season, we tend to overwork ourselves trying to meet deadlines, catch up on work, or get that last bit of cramming in. To balance this juggling act, we tend to neglect our health and wellbeing, leading to a compound effect from all the stress school already gives us. For me, a moment of joy I try to savor every day is my morning routine; not only does it bring me immense joy and peace in the moment, but it also helps me start my day right.  

What is my morning routine? 

Every morning, I wake up nice and early. I try to get out of bed before 6 at the latest, although that time may be pushed back an hour or two depending on when I went to sleep the night before. The first thing I do when I wake up is put my headphones on and start a motivational podcast; I find starting my morning on a positive note carries forward to the rest of the day. While listening to the podcast, I brew a fresh, hot cup of coffee. I recently switched from using a conventional coffee maker and pre-ground coffee beans to using a pour-over style coffee maker coupled with whole beans that I grind every morning. Yes, this method is a lot more labor and time-intensive than just filling a Keurig with water and popping a pod in, but the sense of peace it provides me with is priceless. Doing each step meticulously, from measuring precisely 30 grams of coffee beans to pouring the hot water at just the right speed, forces me to slow down and just live in that moment. After I’m done making my coffee, I put on a jazz or blues record and plan my day while slowly sipping away. Once I finish my coffee and planning, I head over to my washroom and start getting ready with a fresh shave. Just like how I make my coffee, shaving is also a slow, peaceful process for me, especially because I recently switched over to old-school supplies, like shaving soap, a shaving brush, and a straight-edge razor. Finally, I shower and get dressed for class, work, or whatever else lays ahead of me.  

Why my morning routine? 

Following this set morning routine is arguably one of the most enjoyable parts of my day. Like most people, following a morning routine is not the only thing that brings me joy. I also love to savor moments like the first bite of a hot pizza, late-evening thunderstorms, and opening grade book to see a good mark after a particularly difficult exam, but I chose to write about my morning routine for two main reasons: it has a significant and consistent positive impact on my life, and unlike the other moments I highlighted, I don’t have to wait for it to happen once in a blue moon.    

Closing Remarks 

As students, we are constantly living ultra-fast-paced, stress-filled lives trying to balance our academics, extra-curricular, and social lives. This busy lifestyle is only going to get more and more intense as we progress throughout our academics, and eventually, professional careers. By taking time aside to do and appreciate the things that give us happiness, we allow ourselves to take a step back from our busy lives and remember what life is really about: the small things that make us whole. With that being said, I encourage you to also find and cherish the moments that bring you joy every day. 

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