Learn to Lead - The Podcast: Season Finale

Podcast created by: Student Experience

In our season finale, we will be interviewing Helen, the Learn to Lead Student Coordinator. Helen is an undergraduate student finishing her final year at Western. She'll share her perspectives and reflections from a season of conversations.

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Episode 7 with Ladan Mowlid

Helen sat down with Ladan Mowlid, who works as the Equity, Diversity, and Education Coordinator at Western. You’ll hear about Ladan’s focus on EDI and why education is so important.

Episode 6 with Meg U'Ren

Learn about Meg's career journey which included a major shift in the earlier part of her career. In this conversation, we talk about how good leaders “take bits and pieces and apply it to their own leadership style.”

Episode 5 with David Feeney

Helen sat down with David Feeney, who works with the Career Education team at Western. Learn about how experience working in not-for-profit and career education have provided him with transferable skills.

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